We’re Married – Tiny Courthouse Ceremony

After getting engaged in August 2017, we quickly decided we wanted to “do it big” for our wedding. We’re typically very low key type people, so why not have a huge party for once in our lives? We quickly found a venue we loved, for a date that worked for us, and put a deposit down.

This is when we took a step back and realized that even with contributions from our parents, this wedding (one stinkin’ day) was going to be VERY expensive, and we had other goals and ideas for that much money. Unfortunately we live in an area where people drop huge amounts of money on weddings, as well as where people travel to in order to get married, so keeping it fiscally conservative was near impossible. So, we changed our minds.

We went a few months without any planning or moving forward, when we got a wild hair up our butts and planned this tiny ceremony of ours in about two weeks. Right before the holidays – December 21st, 2017, to be exact. A big factor in our decision making, was making sure that everyone who was important to us could be there, aka Joshua’s little brother who is in the military. We found out when he would be home on leave, and booked the courthouse quickly after that. Because of the size of our families, we kept it direct – parents, siblings, grandparents, and a few exceptions.

In the end, our day was perfect for us. It may not be for everyone, but it was everything we wanted and more!

Venue: Old Courtroom // Santa Ana Courthouse
Photographer: David // Full Spectrum Photography
Dinner: Tustin Grille