Tree Lighting Ceremony 2016

Last night, we attended a local Tree Lighting Ceremony that takes place in the city’s inner circle and had originally intended to have dinner at Blaze Pizza (they have vegan cheese and gluten/dairy free crust – hey now), but the line was super long and loving at a snail’s pace. If you know me or Josh, that’s not how we roll. So we went to Olive Garden where I was reunited with my trusty old favorite – gluten free rotini with marinara sauce and Italian sausage. NOM.


Declan slept almost the entire time, only waking up for a few minutes during the actual ceremony and to get a diaper change and a quick snack, before falling back to sleep during dinner. I know he is my child because that boy can sleep anywhere, including through tantruming children, parties, and other loud noises without so much as a stir. He takes after his mama that way.



Can I just gush about Declan’s hat and how much we love it? My friend Tara made it for him and while it was too big for a while, it’s recently became our go-to for outings where we know it will be cold – including walking to the car in the morning! It’s starting to get a tad small in length/depth. I’m not sure what to call it, but basically if I could add a few more rows to make it come down further so it covered his ears entirely, I would. This swaddle from Little Unicorn is also a favorite of ours! So far it’s made an appearance in all his monthly pictures, and now you know why. That thing is well loved in our house.


While I’m not sure attending this specific tree light ceremony will be in the cards for us annually, I know there are many that take place local to us! I think it would be fun to attend a different city’s ceremony each year!

What kind of holiday memories and/or traditions are you creating with your children?