Baby Bumpdate – Weeks 20 Through 23

We went to the lake with our family over Memorial Day, which was an absolute blast and was super helpful. J’s little cousin was the same age our little buddy will be when we go to the lake for the first time next summer, so I paid lots of attention to how they did things and made camping with an infant work. Bonus, I was still able to sleep on an air mattress in the bed of J’s truck comfortably at 20 weeks pregnant AND I rocked a bikini. Hey girl heeey!


We moved into our new apartment during my 21st week, which has been a dream and we love where we live now! But a few days after we moved in I ended up with nasty cold symptoms that lasted for two weeks. At first I thought it was just allergies from moving and such, so I got clearance from my midwife to take Claritin, which did nothing.


I actually ended up going to see my primary care physician after the nasty bugger had been around for a week, because I didn’t want it to affect my breathing and land me in the hospital with a case of something serious – which has happened before. She in turn, gave me clearance to use my nebulizer if needed. I ended up giving in and using it nightly, and within three days I was feeling like a rockstar again! Thank God. With being sick like that and pregnant was horrible, I couldn’t really take anything and I was sleeping HORRIBLY and for no more than a few hours at a time.¬†I didn’t take any belly photos during these weeks because I was feeling so crummy!

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