Baby Bumpdate – 40 Weeks

Baby’s Size – Average size at 40 weeks is 7.5 pounds and 20 inches. About the size of a fresh watermelon, say whaaat? I definitely look like I have a watermelon under my shirt.


Happenings – Just waiting around. Seeing my chiropractor twice weekly and the OB weekly until he’s born. Brainstorming some blog posts ideas and planning events + outings for after he’s born. So exciting!

Weight Gain – I have an OB appointment tomorrow but I doubt I’m up much more than last week. My appetite has definitely been lower the past week or so, then I’ll have a day where I’ll be super hungry.

Maternity Clothes – Rotating the same few shirts, two pairs of pants, and two pairs of lounge shorts. I tried to wear jeans to the party yesterday and I ended up having to take them off.

Stretch Marks – Same old, same old.

Sleep – So, so. I’m at the very tail end of my allergic reaction, so my skin is super dry and raw which sucks and is itchy/painful. But I know it will be over soon!

Best Moments – We went to Josh’s little cousin’s 1st birthday party yesterday and I just have to say that cake smashes are might possibly be my favorite thing ever. And the theme was Pokemon, which was super cute. I dressed appropriately, in a too small Pokemon t-shirt from the men’s department. Obviously.


Food Cravings – Olive Garden, if you’re reading this – I love you.

Gender – BOY!

Belly Button – Still an innie.

Ring – We went to the mall last night and were browsing at a jewelry store and the lady said a ring I tried on was a size eight. Holy moly, man. I normally wear a six. Definitely not wearing my ring. It’s waiting patiently on my ring holder until after Declan is born and my swelling goes goes down.

Emotions – Pretty dang good, if I do say so myself. I’m glad I don’t see today as a deadline, because if I did I would be super disappointed and emotional I’m sure. I have an OB appointment tomorrow and a chiropractor appointment on Wednesday and everything will continue until he is born.

Looking Froward To – Birth Day. So ready, but still trying to be patient.