Hello from New Hampshire!

Just wanted to peek in and update on my job situation.
We know I quit the last job I had, right? Right. I did, without looking back.

At the beginning of this month, I was contacted by a family on Nannies4Hire asking if me to take a look at their profile, and if I was interested then we would set up an interview. I was, so we did. They were in California looking at (and buying) a house because they were going to be moving there from New Hampshire. Sparing you the deets, I’m now in New Hampshire. I’ve been here since Sunday and I leave on Friday. I’m having fun & I’m so excited to start on July 2nd back in Southern California. My charges name is ‘P’ & he just turned 4 on Saturday.

Car update: It was declared a total loss (DUH.) & I got all the totals and everything.
I will have enough for a decent down payment on the car I want, to pay off my credit cards, and catch up fully on all my bills. With some left over. I’m happy.

This is where I tell you to leave whoever you’re insured with and go to State Farm. Why? Because it’s only been a week and a half and the totals are in. The paper work is getting mailed to my insurance agent’s office for me to sign in tomorrow’s mail. Everything will be said and done by Saturday. One day shy of two weeks since my accident. Bet your insurance isn’t that fast!