Baby Bumpdate – 34 Weeks

Baby’s Size – This week, he is approximately eighteen inches and a whole five pounds, or the size of a savoy cabbage. Trust me, I’m feeling the eighteen inches part. This week, he discovered that he can move to either side and stretch there too, which I’m definitely not used to. His movements are becoming more and more painful, especially when he decides to have a party in there.


Happenings – We had my baby shower and birthday party this past weekend, and I had so much fun! The love and generosity of our family and friends still blows my mind. We also revealed his name to our family and friends! We used the same canvas that we found out that he was a boy, so it was super meaningful and exciting.

Weight Gain – Not sure. I have a midwife appointment on Thursday. Will update then.

Maternity Clothes? I have a short torso and am all belly, so I’m getting to the point where I have to keep pulling my shirts down to make sure my belly is covered. My maternity shorts are just about too small. I’ve been wearing lounge shorts pretty often because they’re the most comfortable and that’s what I’m all about these days.

Stretch Marks – Yep! My lower belly is littered with small ones. I can’t see them unless I’m looking in a mirror. They’re small and still pretty light, so I think they’ll fade nicely.

Sleep – Ahmazing! Sleeping 8+ hours a night, only waking to go pee a time or two. Although sometimes it takes me a while to get comfortable enough to fall asleep, I have no trouble going back to sleep or anything. I think my body had realized it’s doing a lot of work as it prepares to being this baby into the world and I’m way more tired because of it.

Best Moments – Being surrounded by family and friends at our baby shower and revealing his name to everyone!


Dress is fromĀ Pink Blush Maternity!

Food Cravings – Still just mostly crushed ice with apple juice. My water has to be super cold, straight from the fridge and I’m loving apples with peanut butter on them.

Gender – BOY!

Belly Button – Still in, but probably not for long. It’s super shallow and tiny, and sensitive to the touch.

Ring – I could still wear it if I wanted to. I’m not very swollen yet. I can see it in my feet a little bit, since I’m used to practically having flippers, but that’s about it.

Emotions – Solid, but getting to the point where I’m ready not to be pregnant anymore.

Looking Forward To – We have lots of goodies coming in the mail this week, so that’s super exciting. We have our birth conference on Thursday morning, and only three more weeks of Bradley Classes. We got our list of home birth supplies last week, so we’ve started shopping for this items as well. It’s coming down to the wire and I’m so ready to meet him!