Thanksgiving Weekend

Since Joshua and I have been dating, our holidays tend to rotate and be a product of organized chaos. Some time with one family, some time with another. Albiet slightly crazy, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

All of his dad’s side of the family met at Joshua’s aunt’s house at around four o’clock, and we ended up staying there waaay too late. We enjoyed an awesome dinner, kiddo amusement and lots of family fun. Our family events consist of toddlers running around and chatter in the backyard, kitchen and living room. It’s awesome. My mom also attended this event and my dad and step-mom went to their friend’s house since none of the kids were going to be around.

After we left family event numero uno, we drove out to J’s momma’s house about an hour away where we were spending the weekend. We got there pretty late, so I was ready for food again. Green Bean Casserole all the way, guys. So delicious. Also, hell yes I totally wore yoga leggings and a loose fitting sweater. I only got one picture of Joshua and I, and it’s with my iPhone front camera. This is the only picture I took all weekend. At this point, we really needed to leave, but the conversation was really going and we didn’t want to be rude.

On Friday, we passed on the Black Friday shopping & hung around the house. I watched lots of episodes of Bones on Netflix and got a few last minute things done for work, which starts tomorrow!
Saturday, we went to a family-friend’s 3rd birthday. She’s so cute and growing like a weed! Every time she opened a gift, she would exclaim “Oh! My! Gosh!” Her vocabulary is quite extensive and I love it. Chatty toddlers are the bomb dot com.

Today we retook our Christmas card photos. We had them done a few weeks ago, but weren’t happy with how they turned out, so we had a friend with a DSLR retake them for us at a park we liked better. I bought a new cardi for today and I am friggin’ in love with it. I like longer fitting shirts, so Old Navy’s Boyfriend Cardigan is right up my alley. I fully expect myself to own one in as many colors as possible.