Ten Months Old – Declan Joshua

Only two months until our Tiny Dude is a whole year old. The past ten months has flown by and crept along at the same time. It’s like he’s been here all along!

Weight – I would guesstimate that he’s sitting at the twenty pound mark. He hasn’t had a doctor’s appointment in a few months, but the last time we were there he was just shy of 18lb. Fitting solidly into 9/6-9 month clothing still. I’d guess we’ll be in the same clothes for another month or so, unless he has a big growth spurt.

Eats – He still has only had breastmilk as his main source of nutrition, but we followed a modified baby-led-weaning approach around the seven month mark and now he eats whatever we eat in terms of food. He typically has 2-3 meals a day, depending on how busy we are. He also drinks 4-6oz of water daily and I’m sure he would drink more if I offered. Chipotle is his favorite (just like mama). Eating dairy or gluten causes some pretty intense excema on his trunk, so we’re staying away for now.

Likes – Toys that he can shake, especially these Haba Shaker Eggs. He also loves playing with his puppy, climbing everything he can get a leg up on, playing in the water/swimming, and swinging on the swings.

Dislikes – Sleeping/falling asleep solo. He’s started to protest our drive home (if he’s awake, which isn’t often) by crying the entire way and being happy as a clam when we get out of the car. He’s stubborn like his mama, that’s for sure. There aren’t any foods he dislikes.

Sleep – Typically two 1-1.5 hour naps and one 45ish minute nap on the way home. The other day he napped for an hour and fifty minutes and it was amazing. That’s the longest work nap he’s taken in 5+ months, and the longest nap in general in 3ish months. He goes to bed between 8:30 and 9, and starts off in his crib. Once he wakes up, he moves into our bed for the remainder of the night because mom and dad need sleep too.

Life’s Happenings – I started a new job at the beginning of July, so we’re getting settled in there. It’s going great and we’re enjoying it. :) He’s been to the lake multiple times, and has started going to the nursery at church.

Development – Declan has four teeth, and I can see four more under his gums. He says mama, dada, ball, and baby. We’re working on animals noises, which is pretty dang cute! He can sign milk and all done. He also waves! Declan can stand unassisted as long as he doesn’t realize he’s doing it, and is crawling and cruising like a mad man.