Monday Fails

Yesterday was supposed to be a fantastical day with two awesome posts to be written. 

I only had a few things to do and none of them were supposed to take all day. Ha! Yeah, life happens. My dad was installing a new ceiling fan in my room, as the one I had was about ten years old and was on it’s last leg. 

Apparently there was absolutely nothing holding my old fan in the ceiling, which freaked me out super bad because I’ve lived here for six years and keep that fan on constantly about six months out of the year. Um HELLO! It could’ve fallen on me. What was supposed to take like two hours took six hours, and three different trips to Home Depot.

I didn’t get anything done that I was supposed to, so that all transferred over to needing to be done today. I’ve made today my beez. Took a test that could lead to fantastic job opportunities, confident that I owned that shit and ran all the errands I needed to.  

I’ve learned my lesson to write posts ahead of time and have them scheduled to go up on the correct day. On a side, but related note, I didn’t recreate anything from Pinterest last week for AP’s link-up, so that would’ve been lame anyway. I should probably make that a priority while I’m not working.