Vacation Makes Me Tired

I need a vacation after my vacation. Anyone else feel that way? So much to do and so little time! Not really, but that’s how I feel.

Joshua and I had a “staycation” this year. We were planning on traveling up the coast a bit, but weren’t able to get everything planned before school started, so we didn’t end up doing that since we couldn’t miss class. The three big things we did was go handgun shooting, see two movies and to the Disney Parks. We had a few other things semi-planned but we decided that it wasn’t worth it to spend the money. I also totally didn’t take any pictures except for at the shooting range. Because I’m the kind of person that takesĀ Cora on vacation, then she sits in the closet the entire time.

I had my first day back at work with L today! He started walking while I was away and is so much more toddler-like than before I left. We went to a local outdoor mall to give him a bit more space to practice. Everyone thought it was super cute. He kept getting distracted by all the people around us! He also picked up the word “no”, which totally sucks. But, we’ll have to keep working on it and I just have to hope that he forgets it over time. Side note: my go-to discipline phrase is “that’s not for you” or “that’s not okay”. Then I redirect him. He gets it on the first try about 90% of the time.

I am no longer be accepting side bar sponsors for the foreseeable future, BUT I will begin doing the occasional sponsored post soon. I was just accepted by Social Spark, which is super exciting! All sponsored posts will be clearly labelled as such.

I’ve missed Blogtember the past few days because I was gone and hotel internet sucks. Not sure if I’m going to jump back in because there are so many other things I want to share that are more personal and in the moment. I have a going list that’s about twenty posts long. Anyone else have a blog notebook that contains all your ideas? Mine is a mess and always changing!

I also won a giveaway! A first for me. Jenni over at Story of My Life was giving away all of Photography Concentrate‘s tutorials. I asked my mom for Extremely Essential Camera Skills for my birthday a while back after I read about how much Jenni loved it. Of course when I told her I entered the giveaway, she told me to wait. Then, boom. I won! Awesome sauce. I’m slowly but surely working on them. I also may have double checked to make sure I really won and it wasn’t a scam.

Wow. How’s that for a life update! :)
Happy Tuesday.