Updated Daily Log Binder; Infant & Toddler

Back in November, I shared the daily logs I made. They’ve been a huge hit and are still the two most recently viewed posts every month. Now that a few months have gone by and things have been tweaked, I’m sharing how I changed things. The store bought calendar was becoming more and more of an inconvenience and it kept getting in the way.

I’m extremely pleased how my binders are working for us now. Things are clear and concise, which was my goal from the very beginning.

1. 1/2″ Avery Binder.
2. Martha Stewart Dividers.
3. 2013 Calendar of your choice. I used the one from TomKat Studio.
4. Daily Log to fit your needs.
– Infant Log
– Toddler Log

What You’ll Do:
Compose your binder. You can use either two or three dividers, since they come in a pack of five, depending on what you want. I work for two different families, so I have two binders. One binder gets two, the other gets three. It worked out perfectly for me. Hole punch the sheets and put them in your binder. I made a cover sheet containing the sayings “[Child’s name]’s Daily Log and Schedule”and “Started on [date the binder was started]”.

Lady Bug’s (15 mo) Binder:

– Blue: Contains my monthly calendar from TomKat Studio. Here is where I write down the hours I worked, when and how much I was paid, etc. The current month and the next month (currently January and February) will always be in the front. Months that have passed will move to the back of the divider.

– Green: New or process daily logs. This way I always have access to a new one or the one I’m working on without having to flip through the old ones.

– Yellow: Used daily logs with the most recent one in the front.

In the back pocket: Contains a typical daily schedule for Lady Bug (15mo).

Stink Bug’s (5 mo) Binder:

I track both my regular and nanny share hours in the calendar from TomKat Studio.
The red divider contains new or in progress daily logs, the orange divider contains old daily logs with the most recent in the front. Both binders are organized in the same fashion, but are a little bit different due to the the ages of the children and the frequency I care for them.
Happy Nannying (: