Surprise! – Pregnant with Baby #2

Surprise! A few days ago, on Mother’s Day 2018, we shared our big news on our socials and became public. We are expecting Baby #2. As you may know, we got married in a small ceremony at the Santa Ana Courthouse on December 21, 2017. It was a perfect day for us, that involved no stress, just love. While we planned on trying for another baby, we got pregnant quicker than we expected. No complaints here!

Now, for the first trimester details! The beginning of this pregnancy is very similar to Declan’s – no morning sickness, but my cravings are strong, and my aversions are even stronger. Please, do not come near me with a meatball for the next fifteen years. Okay? Thanks. I’ve showed even more quickly this time around, because apparently when you were just pregnant fifteen months ago, your body remembers ¬†exactly what to do. I’m also very tired, which is also something I dealt with during my pregnancy with Declan.

We also already know the sex of our baby! I started seeing my OB right off the bat this time, which is something new for this pregnancy. When I went in for my chromosomal abnormalities blood draw, they also took extra blood so they could determine the sex of the baby, since our DNA mixes in my blood. We got a call from my doctor’s office less than a week later sharing the news with us! At this point we do plan to share at some point, but aren’t sure when yet. Stay tuned!

The baby was also measuring ahead at my dating ultrasound, so they moved my due date up from the 21st of November (based on my last period), to November 15th. We’re more of “due month” type people anyway, so this is okay with us! Although I would love to be at home for Thanksgiving, I have no power of when baby is ready to arrive earthside.

Baby M #2, coming atcha November 2018!