Necessities – Nanny Travels

As you can tell, I’ve been traveling a ton with my Nanny Family lately! The items I pack in the girls’ bags have been pretty consistent, so I wanted to share some of my favorites with you!Toddler Travel - Essentials


We also do a few things to make traveling easier with a toddler and an infant…
– Always pack respective loveys in the diaper bag so we have access to them as needed.
– Visit the library and pick ten awesome books to take with us, not only to read on the plane, but to read before bedtime each night as well.
– Load up on snacks! Some of E’s favorite are: apple sauce pouches, “happy” (aka graham) crackers, fruit leather, mandarin orange cups, etc. I literally fill a gallon sized plastic bag with snacks and we just dig out of that while we’re gone.

Babywearing both kids throughout the airport was a lifesaver! It allowed us to get on and off the plane without disrupting them if they were sleeping and helped keep them corralled if they were awake. It also made handling luggage a breeze as well.

What are some of the items you can live without while traveling with kids?