Job Loss – Taking Steps

Losing my job in November was rough. It was quite unexpected, but unavoidable at the same time. The family I worked for, for almost a year is moving to the East Coast in few months. Here’s what I did to put myself back on the market and accessible:

1 // Update my resume, immediately. I got off work a few hours early the day I found out and immediately went home and began working on my resume. I finished it the next day and added it to my portfolio as soon as I could.

2 // Have a portfolio! I bring a copy of my portfolio to ever single interview I go on and find that families are impressed by what it contains. I’m trying to get them to pick me and I think this kicks it up a notch. In my portfolio you’ll find: my resume, all applicable certifications, recommendation letters, my daily log, and anything else I think is important.

3 // Keep an open mind! Use agencies and go independent. I used every service I could find, which included local agencies, websites like Care and SitterCity, and even Craigslist. *As always, be careful when using CL. I never go on first interviews found there alone, even if someone is just waiting in the car for me.

4 // Be prompt. Answer emails and phone calls as soon as you can without interruption. I was thirty minutes late to class in order to take the phone interview for my current job. Best decision ever!

5 // Dress appropriately. During your interview, dress like you would at work. Of course, most of the time sometimes I wear yoga pants, but keep it classic and public appropriate. My go-to outfit is skinny jeans, a tee, and a cardigan paired with Toms or boots, depending on the weather.

Using these five tips, I had a job lined up three weeks after I was notified my position would be eliminated. Do you have any other recommendations for nannies on the job hunt?