Two Months Old – Declan Joshua

Weight – We went to the doctor the other day and Declan weighs 12lbs 7 oz (40th percentile). Our boy is wearing 0-3/3m across the board. We’re still using AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers and disposable wipes.

Eats – We are exclusively breastfeeding, and everything is going really well. He has had several bottles, and we give them to him regularly in case I end up at a nanny position where he’ll be in someone else care or I babysit and he stays home. We’re using the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Bottle, which I really like for him and allows him to have the same suck-swallow pattern as when nursing (which helps prevent nipple preference).

Likes – Bath time! Dada is usually the one to give him baths, as it’s their special guy time. He also love his “bee” (paci) and NEEDS it so fall asleep. He could care less about it unless he’s tired, which I love!

Dislikes – He is still very scent oriented and has a hard time if he’s passed around for too long with too many people. My scent is his home and he calms down almost immediately upon being put in my arms.

Sleep – Still loving naps, and sleeps well at night. He’s been in our bed lately because he’s a bit congested and I’m more comfortable with having him close. As soon as he’s feeling better I plan to return him to his own bed and work on getting him to bed earlier, since he’s currently on a 10a-10p routine.

Life’s Happenings – Like I said, our little guy has a bit of a cold right now! He’s still in good spirits, which I’m super thankful for even though he’s congested. He met his Uncle David and his Great Grandma, who are both visiting from out of town. His first Christmas was yesterday and he handled everything like a champ, and got spoiled to boot.

Development – He’s discovered his hands and has started batting at the toys on his bouncer, which is awesome to watch. He’s also starting to try to roll over from belly to back, and now belly laughs if we’re being silly!