Italy 2014 – Rome Day Two

Today we slept in, hooray! Then headed to the Botanical Gardens, the Colosseum, and the Spanish Steps. The Colosseum was freaking amazing to see. We got the audio tour again, which I think I would always recommend, especially here. Take headphones so you don’t have to hold the little thing to your ear for the entire tour. I didn’t take any pictures of the Spanish Steps because there were so. many. people. sitting on them. Then we went to a Tea House right next to the Spanish Steps and I ate some super yummy food. I’m not sure what it’s called but think stroganoff sauce, over a hamburger, over toasted rice pilaf. Freaking delicious and I’m definitely going to try to recreate it when I get home.





Colosseum Facts: The gladiators lived and trained together. The senators had assigned seats and the women and ordinary folk sat waaay in the nose bleeds. Both are viewable in the picture. See the stairs built into the wall at the veery top? Yeah, that’s where the women sat. The floor where events took place was made of wood. You can see at the bottom of the picture where they reconstructed part of it to give visitors a feel of what it would look like.

I took so many more pictures, but Lightroom is being super sketchy and won’t import my pictures so I can put my watermark on them. I’m working on it and will edit everything and add them to the appropriate posts when I get a chance. I’ll be updating my Facebook page when that happens. Anyone have a different, preferably free program that they use to add (.png) watermarks to their photos?

Rome: Day One // Day Three

Italy 2014 – Rome Day One

Today was our first full day in Rome, so we got up early to wait in line to get into the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. We waited in line for two hours and spent over three hours going through the museum. There are a bunch of smaller rooms that lead up the the Sistine Chapel. It’s kind of like the big hoorah at the end of the experience.

As expected, each piece of art was absolutely exquisite and beautiful. We also paid for the audio tour, so we were able to hear about info on each piece (wall?) in each room. It was really helpful to have, because without it I feel like we would’ve sped through without knowing what we were looking at. I also took a picture of the Sistine Chapel before I realized we weren’t supposed to. Oops!









Then we to the Pantheon, which was awesome and totally reminds me of the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, after that we took a cab to a trendier part of the city which happened to be near the capital building. It was dark by this time but everything was lit up beautifully and I got some really great pictures of the area. Yay for shooting in manual!





 Rome: Day Two // Day Three

Cruising Baja – A Photo Dump



This was the coolest part. In order to get out of the port in Ensenada, they had to use two tug boats to pull the boat horizontally, then help it back out and pull out of port. It was the gigantic ship equivalent of a three point turn.



On our at sea day, they had one of the chefs do an ice carving demo. It was so incredibly cool to watch. The emcee said that these types of things take a few hours normally, this guy did it in twenty minutes. Of course they place “Ice Ice Baby” to keep the crowd pumped up.



All in all, we had an absolute blast on our first vacation as adults. I hope you found my experience, tips, and photos either helpful in planning your vacation, or enjoyable to read about. :)

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