Italy 2014 – Venice

Although we had a better hotel, and internet, while we were in Venice I never ended up posting anything while we were there because keeping up with editing pics, then taking the time to write posts was getting exhausting! I also took way fewer photos because I was wearing E way more often than I was in Rome. Remember, my boss was like 20 weeks pregnant, so walking that much plus wearing a 20lb E was really starting to wear on her body.*


The view from my hotel room! Absolutely gorgeous. My boss’ room was two doors down on the corner over looking the bridge and canal. It was so weird being dropped off at the hotel after taking a water taxi from the mainland. There are NO cars! I’m not sure what I expected in that regard but everything including trash gets picked up on boats.


The Bridge of Sighs. It actually connects the prison (on the right) to the courts (on the left), which is why it’s completely covered. It’s not in use anymore but the story is that people could hear the prisoners sighing as they we’re ushered back to their prison cells, as it’s would be their last look at freedom.



St. Marks Square. Our hotel was just a short walk away from the square, so we spent a lot of time there over the first couple days we were in Venice. There are so. many. pigeons in the square. Like people with bird phobias might freak out. I normally don’t mind but I totally got grossed out a couple times. You’re literally within inches of stepping on them.


 Venice is surround by many, many other islands. We never made it over to this specific one so I have no clue what that building is. I just thought it was pretty :)

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Venice: The Islands

* it’s perfectly safe to baby wear while you’re pregnant as long as it’s okay with your doctor and you’re not a high risk pregnancy. Once it becomes uncomfortable or hurts, listen to your body and stop! 

Italy 2014 – Rome Day Four

We leave for Venice tomorrow! Today we went to the Papal Audience and saw the Pope up close as he went around in his Pope Mobile! It was crazy and super crowded. We showed up last minute and were right against the railing. We decided that since we got to the the Roman Forum too late the day we went to the Colosseum, we would go back this morning before meeting the group back at the hotel. Then, we went on a bus/walking tour of St. Mary’s Basilica, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, and Piazza Novana.

I didn’t take very many pictures today because we’d already been to most of the places on our own and the Trevi Fountain was undergoing MAJOR clean up + restoration and is covered in scaffolding and the fountain is drained. I hope I get to return one day to see it in action, because that thing is freaking massive. It was dark by the time we got to Piazza Novana, but I’d love to see it during the day at some point.






 Rome: Day One // Day Two // Day Three

Italy 2014 – Rome Day Three

Today was an all day trip to Assisi, which was about a three hour bus ride each way! We considered taking the train and meeting the group, but decided that three hours was nothing comparing to the 5 hour + 8 hour flights it took to get here! E handled it like a champ! The town and view down the mountain was absolutely beautiful and definitely some place I’d like to return to and explore more of.

I ended up getting a rosary at the Basilica for my Oma and some olive oil to take home. The olive oil here is freaking amazing. Italians only use olive oil and vinegar on their salads, which is something I’d turn down at home, but it’s really good! We just got back from dinner and the Italians do gluten free pasta incredibly well. Can you believe I’ve managed to stay g-free even though I’m in the pasta mecca of the world?









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