This Is Me

I am so many things. I’ve done so many “about me” type posts. So I’m skipping the obvious: woman, girlfriend, daughter, sister and nanny.

I’m a babywearing enthusiast and wrap nerd. I love keeping my nanny babies close. I don’t keep a stroller with me unless I absolutely have to, because I’d rather wear whoever I’m caring for. My stash is small, yet growing, and currently consists of one woven wrap in my base size, a wrap conversion mei tai, and a wrap conversion ring sling.

I’m also a cloth diaper lover. I think they’re fantastic and that everyone should use them because it’s not as hard a people say. :) I currently cloth diaper L while I’m at work. We use exclusively use AppleCheeks and couldn’t be happier! Because L is it tall and skinny, disposables don’t quite give a tight enough fit around the legs.

I’m on a health journey that includes gym-going, 5K training, and paleo-eating. I believe in going as chemical free as possible and think that holistic remedies are awesome. I’m also a college student with many, many goals for my future. I have plans to become a Newborn Care Specialist through NCSA and am working simultaneously towards both my associates degree in Child Development and completing the GE to become a board certified Lactation Consultant.

Water is my happy place, and if I could find somewhere to play water polo in my free time, I’d be a happy camper. I like to read, blog (duh!) and cuddle with babies that aren’t mine. I’m an organization fanatic, yet there are clothes thrown all over my room. I love carbs, and have to say that not being able to have them is the hardest part about eating paleo, besides find time to prep and cook ahead of time. I try to be eco-friendly, but still drive an SUV and drive thirty miles each way to work everyday.

Timi & Leslie Dual Bag – First Impressions

Remember back when I said I was in search of a new diaper bag? Well, I finally got one. I decided to get the Timi & Leslie Dual Bag in the Farrah print. I love the bright colors! I have been doing tons of research and finally decided on this one.

One of the big reasons I purchased it when I did was because it was on major sale, marked down to $30 from $80. I’m not sure if they’re discontinuing the style or just revamping it. I love it so far, so I really hope they keep it around.

I’ve only had it for about a week, but wanted to give you a peek into what I have packed in here before I do a proper review. We’re going on several long outings over the next few weeks, so I really feel like I’ll be able to get a good feel and opinion of the bag over this period of time.

I totally carry my Erin Condren Life Planner everywhere I go, no matter what. It fits perfectly in this back zippered pocket.

There are these items kept? Clockwise: Front, small zippered pocket that has three mesh pouches. One of the large pockets that is divided in two, especially for diapers and wipes. The other large, main pocket is also divided. The clothes go in one side, and the snacks, formula, and toys go in the other side.

Not pictured: a small emergency kit, and L’s bottle that I keep in an outside bottle pocket. In the other bottle pocket is where I keep my phone. My keys get clipped to an inner key fob and my ID & cards go in the small magnetic flip pocket in the front of the bag. This bag also comes with a messenger style strap as well as stroller straps. Other companies charge extra for the stroller straps, so I’m really glad they we’re included with this one!

You can read my full review of this bag here!

DITL – L is Nine Months

I wake up around 7:15a, aka 15 minutes before I have to leave the house. I gather my food, backpack, and nanny things. Throw on clothes and finish getting ready quickly. I leave at 7:32a. There is a train that I have to wait for. Now the chances of me being late are greater than before.

I arrive at work at 8:20a- five minutes late. Awesome. I get filled in on the weekend and how L’s 9mo well check went on Friday. His stats are all over the place and it cracks me up. He’s in the 20th percentile for weight, 95th percentile for height, and off the charts of head circumference.

I make myself breakfast with a little dude crawling around my feet. Eat with four hungry, begging eyes staring at me. Try to keep L’s hands out of my food and send the dog to his bed for the 10th time this morning.

Put L down for his morning nap. Our routine is as follows: change diaper, read for as long as he’ll let me, turn on white noise and “Kenny G” music, swaddle, and give him his paci. It’s 9:20a at this point.

When he wakes up, I let L play for a little bit as I prepare his lunch. He normally has a banana and a chicken, rice, & carrot semi-puree from the cookbook Start Fresh. I let L feed himself off of a plate. He finishes lunch at 12:15p.

After lunch, L plays a bit more. While he’s doing this, I work on blog stuff, eat, and stuff diapers. I decide to bathe him. We play in his room for a while before I can tell he’s starting to get tired. We got to the kitchen and I fix his mid-day bottle. I hold him while he feeds, then what do you know- he falls asleep and instead of putting him in his crib. I take in his clean baby scent and enjoy the snuggles.

He wakes around 3:15p thanks to the dog barking at someone coming down the street. I put him in his crib hoping he’ll go back to sleep. But when 4 o’clock rolls around and he’s still talking to himself, I give up. I go in, change his diaper and put a romper on him.

We play and eat snacks. He eats dinner at 6 o’clock and his mama walks in the door by 6:15p. We go over the day and chat a bit- today it was about the tornados in Oklahoma. After work, I’m going to J’s to study tonight. I get home around 10:20p and turn in for the night a few hours later.

Are you tired yet? ;)


A Moment In Time

L is sleeping peacefully in his crib, with one arm out of his swaddle. His is about an hour into his morning nap and I hope it goes for another hour. I’m doing laundry and making a list so we can go to Michael’s when he wakes up. We’re doing a craft and taking photos for his grandmas today. I hope it turns out great. 

My Advice to You

I went through a job loss last year, so my advice is going to be geared toward those who’ve recently lost their jobs and are nearing the desperate point to find another. I lost my job in February of last year, after working with the same family for over two and a half years. It was out of the blue. I wasn’t expecting it at all, and it was hard.

After my time with that family was over, I start the job hunt immediately with hopes that the perfect family for me would fall into my lap. Instead of keeping my eye on the prize, I became desperate for a new job so I could pay my bills and be financially stable again. I took the first job I was offered. BIG MISTAKE. They wouldn’t give me paid vacation time, sick days, or even write up a work agreement. Something that I require to work for someone. I quit after fifteen days.

Then, after a few more months of looking, and babysitting for  a family I know for very cheap, I was offered another job. The family was moving here from New Hampshire. It was what I was looking for. I started working for the in July, but unfortunately their circumstances changed after three months and they no longer needed a nanny. One of their relatives would be moving to CA to live with them and get back on her feet after a rough time. They didn’t need me anymore.

That led to two more months of unemployment and several fantastic interviews before I was hired by my current family. They’re awesome, and amazing, and we get along really well. I’ve been working for them since November. I love it and I look forward to going to work everyday!

– DON’T waiver in your standards. People told me over and over to switch my job field, but I know I would be miserable if I did so. Not to mention that I would make nearly enough money to pay my bills, nor would I have found the family I work for now!

– DO file for unemployment. For the first four months I was unemployed, I didn’t file because everyone made it sound really hard to do. After I was let go in September, I filed immediately.

– DON’T get discouraged. Everyone is looking for someone different. One of these times what the they’re looking for will be YOU.

I hope this was helpful to at least a few people! As always I’m linking up with Jenni for Blog Everyday in May. Happy Hump Day!