Vehicle Emergency Kit for Toddlers

Last summer, I created a Vehicle Emergency Kit for Preschoolers. The child I was watching at the time was four, and was likely to need items like bandaids, clean underwear or socks, etc. in a pinch. When I decided to build one for L, I decided to keep the word emergency at the forefront of my mind. I wanted to make sure I was ready for anything.

With preschoolers, they typically understand if something has happened and there is no food right now, they have to wait for a little bit, or that there is only a certain amount so they have to share. With infants and toddlers, and especially with L, that’s most definitely not the case. Unlike my preschool kit, I made sure to include nonperishable food and water in this one. So that if something were to happen and L was with me, he would still be able to eat and we would have water.
I purchased two Sterilite Latch Boxes from Walmart, which work perfectly in this situation. The first bin contains various pouches and fruit snacks, as well as a pack of baby wipes. When picking pouches, I made sure to choose ones that had at least two grams of protein and bought a variety of flavors. I had a few coupons from MommyCon LA, so I decided that it would be a perfect time to buy what I needed to get this thing done.
I also felt it necessary to make sure I carried plenty of clothing with me. Remember, I’m thinking emergency here. I purchased a 3-piece set from Carter’s that was on major sale, and also added a pair of leggings from Target, a sweatshirt from Walmart and a pair of mesh shorts from Walmart into the box. I wanted to be able to layer everything on at once if I needed to. I carry extra socks in my diaper bag at all times, so didn’t feel the need to pack any.

 The second box also contains: a prepackaged emergency kit, sunblock, vaseline, infant pain reliever and a syringe, itch relief cream, eye rinse, a flashlight, pacifiers, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer.

I also store water bottles in the door cup holders and both boxes are kept in my car at all times. The one with food lives under the floor in my trunk, in the same compartment as my spare tire as to keep it cool and dry. The one with clothes and medication lives under the front passenger seat with the clothing side facing out.

Do you have an emergency kit in your car? What’s in it?
I’d love to know if you keep anything different in your kit than I do in mine!


Take Notice – An RSV Scare

Wednesday was scary. L had been congested for a few days. As I left for work I received a text asking me to meet my bosses at the doctors, because they’d had to call 911 because L was having trouble breathing. The paramedics came to the house and said he would be fine because he was still feisty- y’all, he’s ALWAYS feisty- but to go to the doctors as soon at they opened. As an asthmatic, respiratory problems are nothing new to me.

As soon as the doctor came in she ordered oxygen, like immediately. Queue internal freak out. They ended up administering two breathing treatments, a steroid shot, and had him on oxygen the entire hour we were there. She said that over the hour he’d definitely improved but she didn’t want to mess around so she was going to have him transported to the hospital. Queue major external freak out from both me and L’s mom. I was already upset before that, but that was the holy shit, this is serious moment.

Before we left for the hospital, my boss told me I didn’t have to go, but of course I wanted to and I’m really glad I did. I feel like I asked questions that they wouldn’t of thought to ask and have my experience in childcare and my own fair share of hospital trips to thank for asking what I wanted to know immediately.

I have to say that the paramedics that came to transport L did a fantastic job at reassuring all three of us (the adults) that everything was going to be okay, and that this was just a precaution. We ended up spending just under an hour at the doctors and the hospital for just over three hours. They did a chest x-ray and it came back clear.

L was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis, which the doctor at the ER also called “baby bronchitis”. It’s caused by the virus RSV about 70% of the time. In my four years as a nanny and in my many years around children before that, I’d never had experience with RSV. Here’s my PSA- keep an eye on your sick babies and if their breathing is labored in any way, especially in the winter (RSV season), make a same-day doctors appointment. L was only on Day 3 of being sick when this happened. We’re very lucky that it wasn’t worse and he didn’t need to be admitted. We were sent home with an inhaler and chamber, and directions on how often to use it.

We had a follow up with his regular doctor yesterday, and he’ll be cleared for activities and contact with other children starting on Monday. He’s doing so much better already!

I hope that by me sharing this experience with you, it makes you more aware this fall and winter. That you don’t ignore first signs of your sick infant or toddler wheezing.
Pay attention, be aware, take notice. 

Dressing L for Fall – Part II

Ready for round two? You know, because Polyvore is addicting and I couldn’t stop at three outfits. It’s like shopping without spending money. Genius!

Like the last one, you’ll see lots of the ON Toddler Skinny Jean, because I really do love them that much. These three sets are more specifically styled, but I think I love them even more than the others. ;)

MotoX Toddler
I love me a toddler in Metal Mulisha. It’s J’s favorite brand and this is exactly how I imagine our future sons running around. I love MM too, but don’t wear it as frequently because it’s not always work appropriate, in my opinion. My favorite winter shirt has a huge gun on it, see what I’m sayin?
Camo Toddler Boy
Oh, the camo! I can’t handle the cute. I may have to gift this outfit to a very special toddler I know, minus the boots because he already has some. Duh. That shirt just kills me.
Toddler Boys Fall Fashion
This outfit reminds me of the main character (Jay) in Chasing Mavericks. I feel like the hoodie is totally his style, beachy and relaxed. Can’t go wrong with jeans and a pair of Vans.
Which one is your favorite? I’m really loving the camo set. :)
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