Three Months Old – Declan Joshua

Growth – Declan weighs 13lb 9oz (49th percentile) as of his doctor’s appointment on January 3rd and has gained a whole pound in the past tw0 weeks! He is also 24.5″ long, which is the 77th percentile. Our long string bean! He is built just like his daddy and is all torso. We’re busting out of 3m onesies and sleepers, but 3m pants have plenty of room to grow.

Eats – All the mama milks. Preferably straight from the tap.

Likes – Showering with mama has been a newer development. I’m so proud of how well he handles getting his face wet when we rinse his hair. This is our way of gently prepping him for swim lessons in three short months! We have a traditional baby bath tub, but this has been so much quicker! I definitely look forward to the days of him playing at my feet while I wash up, before it’s his turn. He loves his “bee” (paci) when he’s sleepy, and snuggling our armpits when he’s ready for a nap.

Dislikes – He can still be overwhelmed by scents if Josh or I are too far away for too long. He seems to need to be “grounded” by one of us after too long away (more than an hour or so). He begins to get fussy at that point and it usually escalates from there.

Sleep – Bedtime is 10:30/11p, and we’re usually up by 10:30a, too. He’s usually up twice during those hours to nurse, then right back to sleep. He sleeps with us in our bed, which we’re both mostly happy with at this point. However, I’m working on a plan to get him going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, as well as napping in his own space during the day. I’m hoping to carry this over to nighttime as naturally as possible. His sleep is a tad thrown off by being out and about so much, and not being home for several nights over the past few weeks, but I know we’ll get back into our groove soon!

Life’s Happenings – Declan’s great grandma is on an extended visit from Michigan, so he got to meet her for the first time! He also met his Uncle David, who was home for the holidays from Hawaii. He got snuggled by Grandma Jenny’s best friends from college, who of course think he’s to die for and gave him all the snuggles! His first holiday season was so fun, and we know it will become even more and more magical as he grows!

Two Months Old – Declan Joshua

Weight – We went to the doctor the other day and Declan weighs 12lbs 7 oz (40th percentile). Our boy is wearing 0-3/3m across the board. We’re still using AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers and disposable wipes.

Eats – We are exclusively breastfeeding, and everything is going really well. He has had several bottles, and we give them to him regularly in case I end up at a nanny position where he’ll be in someone else care or I babysit and he stays home. We’re using the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Bottle, which I really like for him and allows him to have the same suck-swallow pattern as when nursing (which helps prevent nipple preference).

Likes – Bath time! Dada is usually the one to give him baths, as it’s their special guy time. He also love his “bee” (paci) and NEEDS it so fall asleep. He could care less about it unless he’s tired, which I love!

Dislikes – He is still very scent oriented and has a hard time if he’s passed around for too long with too many people. My scent is his home and he calms down almost immediately upon being put in my arms.

Sleep – Still loving naps, and sleeps well at night. He’s been in our bed lately because he’s a bit congested and I’m more comfortable with having him close. As soon as he’s feeling better I plan to return him to his own bed and work on getting him to bed earlier, since he’s currently on a 10a-10p routine.

Life’s Happenings – Like I said, our little guy has a bit of a cold right now! He’s still in good spirits, which I’m super thankful for even though he’s congested. He met his Uncle David and his Great Grandma, who are both visiting from out of town. His first Christmas was yesterday and he handled everything like a champ, and got spoiled to boot.

Development – He’s discovered his hands and has started batting at the toys on his bouncer, which is awesome to watch. He’s also starting to try to roll over from belly to back, and now belly laughs if we’re being silly!

One Month Old – Declan Joshua

Weight – Not 100% sure, but I would guess at least 9 pounds. I feel like it would be useful for me to buy a scale so I have an accurate weight every month! He’s really starting to fill out in his arms and legs, which I love!

Likes – Mama milk, no matter the source. We’ve started giving him a bottle of breastmilk every few days and he’s taken to it really well. He’s had both fresh and frozen milk and doesn’t seem to have a preference at this point. He also prefers MAM pacifiers over other brands, and falls asleep with a paci almost all the time. He still doesn’t mind the car and has a little routine going that allows him to falls asleep every ride, which has been really convenient.


Dislikes – We still have a bath hater on our hands, and hr doesn’t like when mama or dada give him lots of smoothy kisses. Declan also gets angry if you forget to give him his paci when you put him in his carseat.

Sleep – Declan prefers sleeping on his belly or his side, so much so that the only time he’s ever slept on his back was while we were in the hospital. He’s developed a pretty decent eat/sleep routine; nursing every three or so hours during the day until around dinner time when he switches to nursing every two hours until he goes to bed for the night. He then switches back to every three hours until the wee hours of the morning when he does a 4-6 hour stretch before waking up for the day. No complaints here. If he is having a hard time falling asleep while someone is holding him, we put him in his crib with a paci and he falls asleep quickly and easily. While he will sleep for extended period of time in his own bed, we all prefer to bed share and will continue to do so until it no longer works for us anymore.


Life’s Happenings – At his two week appointment, Declan was diagnosed with an upper lip tie and we were given a referral to the ENT to have it revised. We finally got an appointment, but actually decided to see a local dentist who performs revisions on infants 3-5x a week. I feel much more at ease having him treated by someone who does this all the time. I also suspect he has a tongue tie that will need to be released as well. This will make nursing SO much easier on both of us. While he is gaining weight and my supply is plentiful, Declan often gets frustrated while trying to latch due to his ties. Some other symptoms Declan deals with are: weak latch and suction (including while using a pacifier), gassiness, and lack of ability to control milk flow. [Lip Tie + Tongue Tie FAQ]

Development – Our sweet boy has begun tracking faces, looking for us if he hears us talking but can’t see us, and gives the biggest smiles! He can also hold his head and upper body up for 20-30 seconds at a time, and has no problems moving his head side to side while sleeping on his belly.

Other Updates – Two Weeks Old