Callahan Travis – Three Months

Our sweet Callahan is THREE months old. Time has flown by and this season of life is a busy one. We are out of the house almost every day for after breakfast until lunch time. Big brother is in swim lessons, gymnastics, and we also attend Stroller Strides!

Growth – Last week at his doctor’s appointment, Callahan was 12lb 1oz, which is in the 15th percentile. His doctor isn’t worried because he’s SO active! He’s 24.8” long, which is in the 86th percentile. Callahan is filling out 3mo pajamas and other one pieces because he’s so long!

Eats – All the breastmilk. I’m back to work and he is getting multiple bottles a week. We’re using the Dr. Brown’s standard neck bottles. Nurses every 2.5-3 hours during the day. We also had Callahan’s oral ties revised just over a month ago. Best decision ever. He is off Zantac and is a completely different baby now! I am dairy free because it makes him spit up more than normal, BUT luckily it doesn’t seem to cause him any pain or discomfort.

Likes – Snuggles, playing with the toys on his bouncer, and smiling.

Dislikes – Being hungry, losing his “bee” (pacifier) when he’s trying to fall asleep, and getting stuck when he’s trying to roll over.

Sleep – Callahan sleeps from 8:30p to 2/3a, feeds, then goes back to sleep until 6a when he wakes to nurse again, then goes back to sleep until 8:30/9a. Takes 3-4 naps a day with 60-90 minute awake period. At night he sleeps in his bassinet next to our bed, and he’s started napping in his crib during the day. Is still swaddled but we will be weaning soon!

Life’s Happenings – Callahan has been a champ at being toted around with a busy big brother. He is super smiley, happy, and social; but still prefers mom and dad for snuggles and when he’s tired.

Development – Callahan has started rolling both ways, and his head control is insane! Our pediatrician said he’s at a 4-5mo level. He is so observant, too – and loves watching Declan play or me cook. He’s a huge fan of routine, especially surrounding his bedtime.

Happy 3 Months, Buddy! We love you so.