Callahan Travis: A Birth Story

On November 12, 2018 I was 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant and headed to my OB for a routine appointment. My mom came with me to watch Declan and “just in case”, since I have a history of developing pre-eclampsia in the final weeks of my pregnancies. That’s what lead to my induction with Declan just over two years prior, and that’s what lead to my mom’s induction with me…

The nurse checks my blood pressure twice “just to double check”, so I asked her what it was. I don’t remember the exact numbers but she told me the first time she checked it, the diastolic number (the one on the bottom) was 101, and the second time she took it, the diastolic number was 99. If you pay a lick of attention when you go to the doctor, you’d know that’s way too high. Anything over 140/90 during pregnancy is cause for concern. They check me – I’m 4cm dilated. Awesome! This is great. We’re having a baby today! I called Josh and told him to leave work, it was go time!

By the time we made to over to Labor and Delivery and got fluids hooked up, it was 1:50p. I had horrible veins, again. So typical of me and my babies’ birth days! Then they started Pitocin at 3:50p. I fully intended to also have a pain medication free birth this time around, but even our best laid plans can change. Within a few hours I was having both regular contractions in the front of my belly, as well as back labor. I was rolling on the yoga ball and trying to ride the waves, but with each contraction the pain became more and more unbearable. After asking for more details from our nurse, and discussing it with Joshua privately, I made the informed decision to get an epidural. My line was placed at 8:45p.

I was finally able to rest, and I progressed quickly after that. I progressed from 5cm dilated at 5p to fully dilated around 11:00p. I told our nurse that I wanted to labor down for a while so that I wouldn’t have to push very long. With Declan I pushed for four contractions, and I wanted that same experience again this time. She called my OB and he made his way over. After only four pushes, our second son Callahan Travis was born at 11:28p. He was 7 pounds 9 ounces, and 20.5″ long. 

Welcome to the world, sweet boy!