Being Gluten Free in Italy

So, earlier this year I went gluten-free. And not because I wanted to either. I’m sure I’ll tell the entire story in detail soon, but for now that’s all you need to know. Prior to my trip to Italy, I was incredibly worried that I¬†would be hungry the entire time. Isn’t that all they eat there?! It’s famous for pizza and pasta! Do they eat anything else?! Here are four things you need to know about being gluten-free in Italy:

1 // You won’t starve, I promise. Especially if you like seafood. There are always salads and seafood on the menu. I don’t like seafood, so I opted for lots of salad at the beginning before I knew about asking for g-free pasta. I wasn’t starving, just hungry. ;)

2 // JUST ASK! I really had no clue they even had gluten free pasta until someone (a Celiac) we were traveling with asked for it at a restaurant. After that, I asked for it at every single restaurant we went to. They said yes about 85% of the time.

3 // I wasn’t ever turned down in Rome. It’s a major city and the people that worry about being gluten free, and allergies in general, are the people who are traveling, so the restaurants cater to tourists.

4 // If you’re going to Venice, read this post by The Gluten Bigot. I ended up going to La Vecia Cavana on a free day and got the gluten free ravioli. It was amazing, especially after a few days of lots of salads. I also tried to visit the store she mentioned, but unfortunately it was closed because of All Saints Day.

You should know now, the gluten free pasta in Italy is the absolute best I’ve ever tasted. I still haven’t found anything here stateside that even compares. I’m actually still trying to find a gluten free pasta that I actually like enough to buy again! I’ll let you know when that happens :)