Baby Bumpdate – 39 Weeks

Baby’s Size – I went to the OB on Tuesday morning and they did a quick ultrasound to confirm that he is head down and checked his measurements. The nurse said he was “around seven pounds”. I know that can be way off, but I’m just going to tell myself that’s how big he is to keep myself from getting discouraged during labor.


Happenings – We decided to make the switch from home birth + midwife to OB + hospital birth. I just felt that with everything going on that the hospital was safer at this point, for us. For my entire third trimester, my hemoglobin has been too low for a safe home birth and I have been having intense reactions to iron supplements. My hemoglobin is up a little bit, but still low. Things like blood transfusion, iron via IV, and blood cell disorder have been discussed with my OB this week. However, I got the call this morning that I just simply have low hemoglobin, no blood cell disorders, and my iron stores aren’t completely depleted. OB doesn’t think I’ll need anything extra after Declan is born.

Weight Gain – 32ish pounds total for the pregnancy. Still trying to figure out where it all went. It’s definitely slowed down and is probably mostly water weight because my ankles and feet are huge.

Maternity Clothes – Yep.

Stretch Marks – Not a ton. The itchiness and pain that I referred to last week was the start of an allergic reaction to another iron supplement. Go me!

Sleep – Mostly Benedryl induced, because allergic reaction. But still, at least eight hours with one pee wake up and no naps. Feeling pretty rested.

Best Moments – Seeing my boy via ultrasound, even if it was really quickly.

39 weeks vertical

Um, really quick. Can we talk about how ridiculously long my hair is? It’s super thick too. I went back and on trying to decide whether or not I was going to cut it before he’s born, but in the end I’ve decided to wait a little while. Thinking about postpartum hair loss is totally freaking me out.

Food Cravings – Olive Garden. Gluten free rotini with marinara sauce and Italian sausage. It’s pretty much the only gluten free and dairy free thing on the menu. No complaints though.

Gender – BOY!

Belly Button – Tiny and still an innie, but starting to get swollen around the outside.

Ring – Off. Sitting on my ring holder waiting for Declan to be born and my swelling to go down so I can wear it again.

Emotions – Okay. Definitely more irritable and not wanting to leave the house very much. Enjoying my time alone in the quiet during the day and I get annoyed when too many people call me. Maybe that’s just an introvert thing?

Looking Forward To – Birth Day! Our bags are packed, the carseat is installed, and the house is clean! We’re ready!