Baby Bumpdate – 38 Weeks

Baby’s Size – Declan could be almost 7 pounds now, and over 19.5″ – or the size of spaghetti squash. Although genetics, amount of time spent in the womb, the health of the pregnancy, and baby’s sex all make these sizes nothing more than educated guesses. We really have no idea how big he’ll be because Joshua was born at 32 weeks, and I was less than 7.5 pounds at five days “late”.  My guess is that he’ll be 7.5-8ish pounds and 21″.


Happenings – Whole lot of nothing. Trying to keep busy, and nesting like a mad woman. Almost everything is ready, then I’ll feel more ready.

Weight Gain – Don’t even know.

Maternity Clothes – Well obviously. My belly likes to put on a peep show for everyone too. Rotating the same four shirts and two pairs of shorts and one pair of pants.

Stretch Marks – Painful. Irritated. Itchy. They feel like giant bruises. I think my skin has about had it. You feel me?

Sleep – When I can and for however long I can. Trying not to become completely nocturnal, but naps are necessary.

Best Moments – We finished our Bradley Classes. Hooray! Nicole, we love you and look forward to sending you a birth announcement and chatting with you about mama life, but I’m happy to have my Wednesday nights back. Also, my nursing bras came Friday! Full review coming soon. Hint – I’m in love with them.


Food Cravings – Just ice water. I’m the obnoxious person crunching their ice everywhere and at all times. I’m sorry, but only a little bit. I really miss dairy, but I know it will be better for him and we will try to reintroduce it into my diet when he is around six months old.

Gender – BOY!

Belly Button – Same old. Tiny. Just there in the middle of my belly.

Ring – NOPE. I tried to wear it last weekend and had to take it off. My feet and ankles are also starting to swell too. Nothing crazy, just normal ‘end of pregnancy’ stuff.

Emotions – Starting to feel impatient and ready for him to be here. Also tired. Over the acid reflux.

Looking Forward To – BIRTH DAY. That’s my final answer. Also, every time I text Josh he has a mini heart attack thinking I need him to come home because I’m in labor. One day, but that day is not today.