Baby Bumpdate – Week 32

Baby’s Size – He’s now measuring in at close to eighteen inches and four pounds. Say whaaat? I feel like that’s so big and it’s hard to believe he’ll put on another two to four pounds before he’s to be born! I feel like he had a major growth spurt over the past few weeks. His movements are becoming more and more uncomfortable and I’m feeling like my belly is very large and in charge.


Mini Update – Since I posted my 30 Week Bumpdate, we figured out I’ve been battling PUPPPs! It’s not fun, but I’ve managed to be able to keep it at bay – to the point where it looks worse than it feels – after talking to our Bradley instructor and following one of her recommendations. I actually had to take this past week off work because I couldn’t handle putting clothes on because I was so itchy.

Weight Gain – Not sure, probably somewhere in the 18-20lb range. I have a midwife appointment this afternoon, so I will update when I know.

Maternity Clothes? This week has been one of minimal clothing, but yes. 

Stretch Marks? Womp womp. I have three tiny baby ones on the under side of my belly – aka I spotted them in the mirror. Likely from itching my belly and having to keep my skin drier to keep my PUPPPs at bay. I’ve tried lots of things to moisturize, but everything burns and I end up having to take it off. I’m hoping that after a few weeks I’ll be able to have soft skin again.

Sleep – OH MY. Let’s just not talk about it. I can fall asleep at 11p, then wake up at 3a and be up for the day and not tired at all. There was also one night where I just didn’t sleep at all. Pretty sure my body is just preparing me for a newborn.

Best Moments – I’m loving attending our Bradley classes. It’s nice to be able to get together with people who have similar views and goals as ourselves weekly, yet we’re still learning a ton. We attend our Birth Details class through the birth center tonight and we got The Dude’s dresser and moved all his things into it.


Food Cravings – We got a Ninja Blender and I’m OBSESSED. I like to mega crush ice, fill a cup with it, and pour apple juice over it so it’s like a slushy, then eat it with a spoon. So, so good. 

Gender – BOY!

Symptoms – Insomnia, like whoa. Just my body getting ready for him to be here. I’ve also noticed I’ve been super thirsty lately, but not as hungry as normal. I’m starting to feel physically uncomfortable and I’m having indigestion pretty often. Not heartburn, but the esophagus burning type stuff.

Belly Button – Still an innie. But so tiny.

Ring – Haven’t worn it. But I’m not swollen, so I’m pretty sure it still fits.

Emotions – A tad more all over the place, but still pretty level.

Looking Forward To – We only have eight or so weeks until my “due” date! I’m also super excited for my shower. I ordered my dress a few days ago and it will be here this week. My shower is a ladies only brunch and it’s going to be so fun!