Making My Heart Ache

I have a few more posts to before I finish The Parenting Series, but bare with me as a empty my brain on a completely different subject…

Tonight, I was driving to go babysit at a home I’d never been to before. In fact, I’d never even heard of the city, but I have cared for this particular baby a previous time. As I exited the highway, I started passing dairy farms. One after the other, all in a line. 

For those of you that don’t know, I was in FFA in high school and 4-H before that. I raised meat production animals for eight years, from 6th grade to the year after high school. I can operate on a farm, I know what to ask for at the feed store and how to treat bloat. I have nerve damage in both feet from being stepped on by 1,200 lb. steers. I’ve had my fingers and hands smashed in gates countless times. I love it. All of it. It’s been such a huge part of my life, and I originally went to collage to get a degree in Animal Science. 

Any who, as I passed these dairies, I turned up my country music louder than normal. Dairy after dairy, my heart began to beat more rapidly & warm as if it were smiling. Then I began thinking how horribly I wanted that. Not necessarily to live on a dairy or working farm, but on a piece of large piece of land; with gates and agriculture projects & enough space for my children and pets to play. 

There are only three things in the entire world that I want so bad they make my heart ache. To be Joshua’s wife. To have children & be able to be a stay at home mom. To live in house like I described above. I don’t belong here, not in Orange County, anyway. There’s a known horse/agriculture town in the next county over. I’d love to live there one day (:

Happy Weekend!

Our Second Anniversary

I promise I haven’t forgotten about this thing here, that may or may not have potential to be called a blog. In my last post, I wrote about my goals and “resolutions” for 2012, one of them being to get A’s and B’s in all my classes. Well now folks, I start school tomorrow and I am shit-myself excited. I’m starting at a new school with a clean slate and the potential to do really well! This semester I am taking; Bio, Bio Lab, Elementary Algebra (math sucks!), and United States History (online!). They’re all “CORE” classes and important and absolutely necessary in completely my goal of transferring in a year.

Also, Joshua and I celebrated our SECOND anniversary on January 11th. I understand there are many couples who will laugh at me making a big deal out of two years…but c’monn. We’re 21(me) and 20 (him). That’s a long time for people our age. Give us the benefit of the doubt. (: The week of our anniversary, we were both insanely busy. My work schedule is sporadic and awkward & he was at Service Writing School, yes peeps he works in the auto care business, so we were absolutely not going to see each other at all. On The day, he had the prettiest flowers sent to my work…with the permission of my boss. You see, I’m a nanny. I work in someone’s HOUSE. A private residence. Another family’s personal space. Amazing man I have. I know I do. So in return and with the permission of his parents, I decorated his room. Streamers…EVERYWHERE.

Our weekend? You know I live in Southern California. Like, THE heart of SoCal…a stones throw away from Angels Stadium & the Honda Center and a ten minute drive to Disneyland. So thats where we went. The ol’ DLP & DCA. It also helps when your dad works for the mouse and can get you in for free whenever you want. I really don’t know how people travel and pay for hotels, tickets, food, AND souveniers. I don’t travel and get in for free and it’s still an easy hundred! Mad props to you guys.

On a non-related side note: Tomorrow will be exactly TWO months until The Hunger Games is released into theaters. I finished the series today. So.Stoked.

Welcome Back

When your old blog gets screwed up, you just delete it make a new one.
Well, thats what I just did because my previous blog (with only nine posts) totally got effed up.

Like, hardcore.