Baby Bumpdate – 39 Weeks

Baby’s Size – I went to the OB on Tuesday morning and they did a quick ultrasound to confirm that he is head down and checked his measurements. The nurse said he was “around seven pounds”. I know that can be way off, but I’m just going to tell myself that’s how big he is to keep myself from getting discouraged during labor.


Happenings – We decided to make the switch from home birth + midwife to OB + hospital birth. I just felt that with everything going on that the hospital was safer at this point, for us. For my entire third trimester, my hemoglobin has been too low for a safe home birth and I have been having intense reactions to iron supplements. My hemoglobin is up a little bit, but still low. Things like blood transfusion, iron via IV, and blood cell disorder have been discussed with my OB this week. However, I got the call this morning that I just simply have low hemoglobin, no blood cell disorders, and my iron stores aren’t completely depleted. OB doesn’t think I’ll need anything extra after Declan is born.

Weight Gain – 32ish pounds total for the pregnancy. Still trying to figure out where it all went. It’s definitely slowed down and is probably mostly water weight because my ankles and feet are huge.

Maternity Clothes – Yep.

Stretch Marks – Not a ton. The itchiness and pain that I referred to last week was the start of an allergic reaction to another iron supplement. Go me!

Sleep – Mostly Benedryl induced, because allergic reaction. But still, at least eight hours with one pee wake up and no naps. Feeling pretty rested.

Best Moments – Seeing my boy via ultrasound, even if it was really quickly.

39 weeks vertical

Um, really quick. Can we talk about how ridiculously long my hair is? It’s super thick too. I went back and on trying to decide whether or not I was going to cut it before he’s born, but in the end I’ve decided to wait a little while. Thinking about postpartum hair loss is totally freaking me out.

Food Cravings – Olive Garden. Gluten free rotini with marinara sauce and Italian sausage. It’s pretty much the only gluten free and dairy free thing on the menu. No complaints though.

Gender – BOY!

Belly Button – Tiny and still an innie, but starting to get swollen around the outside.

Ring – Off. Sitting on my ring holder waiting for Declan to be born and my swelling to go down so I can wear it again.

Emotions – Okay. Definitely more irritable and not wanting to leave the house very much. Enjoying my time alone in the quiet during the day and I get annoyed when too many people call me. Maybe that’s just an introvert thing?

Looking Forward To – Birth Day! Our bags are packed, the carseat is installed, and the house is clean! We’re ready!

Baby Bumpdate – 38 Weeks

Baby’s Size – Declan could be almost 7 pounds now, and over 19.5″ – or the size of spaghetti squash. Although genetics, amount of time spent in the womb, the health of the pregnancy, and baby’s sex all make these sizes nothing more than educated guesses. We really have no idea how big he’ll be because Joshua was born at 32 weeks, and I was less than 7.5 pounds at five days “late”.  My guess is that he’ll be 7.5-8ish pounds and 21″.


Happenings – Whole lot of nothing. Trying to keep busy, and nesting like a mad woman. Almost everything is ready, then I’ll feel more ready.

Weight Gain – Don’t even know.

Maternity Clothes – Well obviously. My belly likes to put on a peep show for everyone too. Rotating the same four shirts and two pairs of shorts and one pair of pants.

Stretch Marks – Painful. Irritated. Itchy. They feel like giant bruises. I think my skin has about had it. You feel me?

Sleep – When I can and for however long I can. Trying not to become completely nocturnal, but naps are necessary.

Best Moments – We finished our Bradley Classes. Hooray! Nicole, we love you and look forward to sending you a birth announcement and chatting with you about mama life, but I’m happy to have my Wednesday nights back. Also, my nursing bras came Friday! Full review coming soon. Hint – I’m in love with them.


Food Cravings – Just ice water. I’m the obnoxious person crunching their ice everywhere and at all times. I’m sorry, but only a little bit. I really miss dairy, but I know it will be better for him and we will try to reintroduce it into my diet when he is around six months old.

Gender – BOY!

Belly Button – Same old. Tiny. Just there in the middle of my belly.

Ring – NOPE. I tried to wear it last weekend and had to take it off. My feet and ankles are also starting to swell too. Nothing crazy, just normal ‘end of pregnancy’ stuff.

Emotions – Starting to feel impatient and ready for him to be here. Also tired. Over the acid reflux.

Looking Forward To – BIRTH DAY. That’s my final answer. Also, every time I text Josh he has a mini heart attack thinking I need him to come home because I’m in labor. One day, but that day is not today.

Third Trimester Belly Collage

I thought it would be fun to make a collage of a few of my belly shots throughout my third trimester. I see myself everyday so I don’t see the changes that happen as my belly grows and body changes. I thought this would be a fun way to look back on my third trimester, and holy cow belly growth towards the end is no joke! Also, can we talk about my hair growth throughout #thirdtri?! Check out the side profile pictures. Whoa man, no wonder I’m about ready to cut it all off. In all realness though, I’m only waiting until the postpartum hair loss period is over, then I’ll likely visit my girl Melisa and have her take care of the mop that is my hair.


I also intend to compile all the belly shots I’ve taken, starting with week ten, and putting them together into one big collage, even though the photos weren’t that great in the beginning of my pregnancy. That will be super fun! I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of my pregnancy. The past thirty-eight weeks has been such a whirlwind. I’m definitely ready to meet my boy, slow down, and start this new chapter of life!




Nautical Baby Shower

A few weeks ago was a complete whirlwind, with my baby shower and birthday party all in one day. It was held at the largest clubhouse in our apartment complex. After some general parking and directional hiccups, I think it was the perfect space to hold everyone.

Although I’m normally a hater of baby shower games, my mom convinced me to play three of them – Baby Item Bingo, Guess The Price, and Measure the Belly. I just like to eat and hang out, you feel me? We also did a 10:30a shower so we could do breakfast food, which is my favorite ever.

We used the canvas we revealed his gender on to reveal his name to everyone. We wanted to tie everything in together, and this was super sentimental to us. After he is born, we will have his written birth stats written on it and it will become an art piece that we can always display in his space.






My friend Lauren, “the other pregnant one”, as her name tag states, gave birth to that baby is her belly just a few days later! She was 39+4 at my shower and I will be 37+5 at her daughters 4th birthday party next weekend. Our babies will be about five weeks apart. She had a girl and we will be having a boy!

I can’t thank everyone who helped make this event a success enough! My mama for her mama magic and general spoiling of me. Those family members who made the amazing center pieces and party favors that I love so much. And my J,  who hung around helping make everything run smoothly behind the scenes.

Food – Colleary’s Bistro // Name Board Writing – Kate from P+H Chalk // My Dress – Pink Blush Maternity // Invitations – LA Printables // Center Pieces + Favors – Made by Family Members


Baby Bumpdate – 37 Weeks

Baby’s Size – We’re on the home stretch! This week, Declan is over six pounds and nineteen inches long – the size of a honeydew melon. He is considered “near term”, and if I were to go into labor on my own, we would be allowed to have our home birth as planned. His reflexes are getting strong, and from now until he arrives, he’s doing nothing but putting on the bebe chub. He’s inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid to help his lungs prepare for breathing air!


Happenings – Everything on our birth supplies list is checked off, and we’re finishing preparing the house! All his clothes are washed and put away, his AppleCheeks are ready to go, and his first outfit and diaper have been picked out and set aside! I have Braxton Hicks every once in a while and I’ve been leaking colostrum for a few weeks now. Acid reflux has reared its ugly head but I’m thankful it’s not completely horrible and I haven’t felt the need to treat it at this point.

Weight Gain – I’m currently up twenty-nine pounds for the entire pregnancy, which is right on track and considered healthy for my age, height, and pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity Clothes – We’re beyond maternity clothes at this point. Stretchy pants and lounge shorts are where it’s at. My belly frequently sneaks out the bottom of my shirts and I only wear jeans if I absolutely have to. These are my favorite maternity shirts, I have five or six of them. These are the shorts I’ve been hanging out in lately since nothing else is comfortable.


Stretch Marks – Still littering my lower belly, and starting to itch as my skin stretches and he packs on the pounds these last few weeks. I also think I may have a few additions on my hips, but I’m not 100% since I already had some there.

Sleep – Hahaha. Basically I just take what I can get whenever I can get it. For example, it’s 3:30a as I write this. I fell asleep after running errands earlier today and slept from 1:30-8:30p. Everyone says to prepare to be up all night with a newborn, but I’m about 85% sure I’ll sleep better after he arrives than I do right now.

Best Moments – Lots and lots of happy mail. Getting everything settled and in place, and knowing that he will could arrive tomorrow, but that the maximum amount of time I’ll be pregnant is five more weeks (to 42 weeks gestation) as long as we both remain healthy.


Food Cravings – My favorite snack ever of all time right now is celery dipped in smooth peanut butter with sunflower seeds and raisins mixed in. We go through a lot of celery and a lot of peanut butter these days. We’ve also been eating a lot of meat + veggies to make sure my iron is high enough.

Gender – BOY!

Belly Button – Still in, but probably not for long. Like it’s barely there. If it’s still in by the end I would surprised.

Ring – I’m not swollen at all in general. My toes and feel swell a teeny tiny bit when I’m on my feet all day. But I doubt anyone else would be able to tell. It’s one of those things that I know because I know my body, but nobody else would know.

Emotions – Getting excited and ready for him to be here. A tad nervous about the birth process (NOT the pain), but moreso about the birth team arriving in time, and making sure we have everything they’ll need. I’m also feeling incredibly protective over our privacy throughout the process in general and our first few hours as a family of three.

Looking Forward To – Declan arriving earthside! To finally be able to nurse and snuggle my boy, and to see J transform into a dad. We’re both beginning to get antsy! J tells me all the time he’s very excited for the skin to skin time he’ll get with Declan during “Hour Two”, which is basically the second hour after birth following our Golden Hour where I’ll get to shower, try to use the restroom, and eat a hearty meal. We’ve also hired an amazing birth photographer and I’m so excited for her to capture these memories for us, and to be able to share them with our family and friends!