Camera Chatter

Oh man, yesterday was kind of a big day. I had my first photo session that someone paid for. It was harder than what I expected, but I got a lot of really great pictures that I think they’ll be really happy with. It’s the first set of “professional” pictures that they’ve had take since their son was born over a year ago.

I definitely have a ways to go before I’m 100% confident behind the camera and in my editing abilities, but practice makes perfect – right? This year will be full of practice. I have a lot of photography related things that I’m looking forward to before the year comes to an end.

I’m getting this tutorial for my birthday, which I think will be incredibly helpful in teaching me the in’s and out’s of my camera. I’m also trying to decide on an editing program. I tried Lightroom a while back and hated it, but everyone I’ve talked to says they prefer it over Photoshop. Maybe I just didn’t give it enough of a chance? I also really like Photoshop Elements, but I don’t think it will have enough options, especially as Ellie Jaye begins to grow.

After all that jibber jabber, my question is – What editing program do you have? What made you pick it over the others? Do I need Lightroom and Elements? If you’re wondering, I use PicMonkey right now. I love it, but it’s just not working for me anymore since I’m editing so many pictures, instead of just four or five for my blog.

The Week of the Sickies

This week has been crazy. I woke up feeling like crap on Sunday, but thought maybe my allergies had just started acting up since the house I was staying in over the weekend was rather dusty. My allergies present themselves in cold- like symptoms: runny nose, congested cough, body aches, etc. I figured I’d take a Claritin D before bed and I would be good to go on Monday.

But low and behold, I am sick- for real. There are over 200 strains of the common cold, so going to the doctors is a waste. I got to work on Monday to find out that L is sick too. Well, it’s Wednesday and we’re still both sick. Needless to say, we’ve been doing a lot of movie watching and napping this week.

I also had my first night of school last night. It actually went pretty well. I volunteered my answer during class and got it right, which totally made me feel awesome because I suck at math. I’m also taking Biology Lecture. Both of the classes are repeats for me to bring up my GPA.  I took Bio Lecture my first semester at this school and got a D, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I was taking Lab and Lecture at the same time and my brain just doesn’t work like that. And math? I’m not good at. At all.

Fun Facts:
– I’ve never been well for both the first week of school and the week of finals since I started going to college. It’s either one or the other. I’m that girl who is walking around in a hoodie and sweats because I’m sick in May.

– I can’t take any sort of allergy or cold medication during the day because I will fall asleep. Even if it says non-drowsy. For me, it is. I’ve tried a few times before with different medications and I just end up falling asleep at inappropriate times, like in the middle of family get togethers. So when I’m sick or my allergies flare up I have to take something that lasts for 24 hours and take it before I go to bed at night.

Happy Hump Day!


Making My EC Life Planner Work for Me

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I’ve been an Erin Condren fan for a few years now and the Life Planner I purchased in June is my third one. I love them. The layout, what they have to offer me, the personalization; all of it works for me.

The first planner I purchased, I used the way it was laid out. I separated activities into morning, day and night. I did the same thing for the first half of my second planner. Then, I realized it wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t able to keep track of things the way I wanted to. So I switched it up and played with the layout for a month.

Then it clicked and it’s been working for me ever since. I’ve decided to let y’all in on my secret because I know I can’t be the only one who thinks and likes things better this way.

Now, unlike most people, I don’t color code or write in pen. Plans can change and crossing things out messily drives me nuts. Plus, my writing looks better in pencil anyway. :) Ready to get to it?

This is my schedule for next week. Fall semester also starts on Tuesday, so I’ll be adding more once I get my syllabi. Simple right? Pretty self explanatory. I divide my planner into rows, then columns by date. The top row is personal (including Ellie Jaye Photography), the middle row is anything for Work & School, and the bottom row is anything for my blog.

The Erin Condren Life Planner also comes equipped with a monthly view, which is where I write down birthdays. The way I do that is writing down the person’s name with their age next to it under the correct date. For example, I will turn 23 on the 29th (hence the big crown) so I would write “Elise- 23”.

This organizational format works for me so much better than the “normal” way. I love that I’m able to break things down in a way that works for me while still taking advantage of the layout that Erin Condren provides.

Do you want an Erin Condren Life Planner of your very own? One of my readers will win a $50 gift card to Erin Condren! It’s my birthday and I can do what I want, right? :)