Making My EC Life Planner Work for Me

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I’ve been an Erin Condren fan for a few years now and the Life Planner I purchased in June is my third one. I love them. The layout, what they have to offer me, the personalization; all of it works for me.

The first planner I purchased, I used the way it was laid out. I separated activities into morning, day and night. I did the same thing for the first half of my second planner. Then, I realized it wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t able to keep track of things the way I wanted to. So I switched it up and played with the layout for a month.

Then it clicked and it’s been working for me ever since. I’ve decided to let y’all in on my secret because I know I can’t be the only one who thinks and likes things better this way.

Now, unlike most people, I don’t color code or write in pen. Plans can change and crossing things out messily drives me nuts. Plus, my writing looks better in pencil anyway. :) Ready to get to it?

This is my schedule for next week. Fall semester also starts on Tuesday, so I’ll be adding more once I get my syllabi. Simple right? Pretty self explanatory. I divide my planner into rows, then columns by date. The top row is personal (including Ellie Jaye Photography), the middle row is anything for Work & School, and the bottom row is anything for my blog.

The Erin Condren Life Planner also comes equipped with a monthly view, which is where I write down birthdays. The way I do that is writing down the person’s name with their age next to it under the correct date. For example, I will turn 23 on the 29th (hence the big crown) so I would write “Elise- 23”.

This organizational format works for me so much better than the “normal” way. I love that I’m able to break things down in a way that works for me while still taking advantage of the layout that Erin Condren provides.

Do you want an Erin Condren Life Planner of your very own? One of my readers will win a $50 gift card to Erin Condren! It’s my birthday and I can do what I want, right? :)


L Turns One – VHC Birthday Playdate

Today was L’s first birthday! My little bug is a year old. This day has been a long time coming, considering I landed the job with he was 10 weeks old, started unofficially when he was three months old and officially in January.

His parents celebrated his first year of life over the weekend, where as we celebrated with his friends today at a local park. Our afternoon included lunch, cupcakes, a splash pad and a tired, newly vaccinated one-year-old.

I decided to go with white cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Mostly because I don’t like chocolate and L likes cake no matter the flavor. :) I used this recipe and they turned out absolutely amazing. Let’s just say there are no leftovers and nothing went to waste. I ended up using store bought frosting because I was running short on time. They paired together incredibly well, something I was really worried about.
I decided to do lunch bento box style for the kids and toddlers in attendance. Since it was at a park that included at splash pad, I figured it would be easier on all of us if everything was prepared ahead of time. For the adults, I prepped everything ahead of time and so we could grab-and-go. Mobile toddlers at a splash pad; you see where this is going. Everything served was something that The Very Hungry Caterpillar ate in the book. I went with salami, cheese, watermelon, apples, strawberries and oranges.
I made the invitations on my computer in Word and added the caterpillar afterwards using a circle punch and a Sharpie pen. I only needed a few, so I decided to make them on my own rather than buying them on Etsy. I love the way they turned out. The font I used is called Olive Charming.

My Goals for Nannyhood

Prompt: My goals for motherhood. Well, seeing as how I don’t have kids, I didn’t think it would be appropriate for me to write about it. So, I changed it. I am a Nanny and I have goals for my Nanny career. Here they are…

I always want the children I care for to feel safe, secure, and loved. It’s my job to protect and love these children as though they are my own. I will comfort the crying baby without feeling as though it’s a hassle or burden, not because it’s my job, but because I want to. I will wear the babies and toddlers that need to be kept close, because that’s what they need. Their needs before mine, always.

I want to lead by example. To show them kindness, tolerance, and manners through all situations. Not just the easy times, but the rough times as well. To show that even if I don’t like a situation or person, that they always need to be respected and treated with kindness.

I want to be teaching, always. To take every opportunity to teach and educate every second I can. I hope that I never pass up a chance to teach L, especially during this time in his life. His brain is a sponge right now. I hope that I always take advantage of that.

To be patient. We always joke that “omg, being one is so hard!” but to them, it really is. They are so tiny and new to this earth. They are learning every moment of every day, a lot of experiences are new, and their little brains are constantly processing.

I hope that I will always live up to these goals and expectations for myself. I will always do my best and work harder to be better than I ever imagined possible.