Declan’s 1st Birthday – Little Blue Truck Theme

For Declan’s first birthday party, I didn’t want anything too cheesy or cartoon-y. Our favorite book to read together for much of his first year was “The Little Blue Truck”, and so that was his theme. We kept it simple and pulled colors from the book – royal blue, orange, and yellow. We kept food easy and served roll-ups from Costco, as well as fruit and veggie platters.

The party was held at our local community center, and with children invited, I knew they would need something to do. I decided to set up a play corner, and bring some of our more open ended toys from home. I made Declan’s smash cake as well as the cupcakes that were served to guests. I completely dropped the ball with photos, and didn’t take as many as I would’ve liked, buuuut such is life!

This sweet boy knew the drill and went to town on anything that was put on the tray in front of him. Including his cake! It was his first time having anything that sweet and sugary, but he loved it and it made for some great entertainment.

Happy Birthday, Declan Joshua!
We love you so.

Birthday Festivities – Declan is One!

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Boy! Because your birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, we had to work. Mama did her best to make your day special anyways! We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific, and you loved it. You had a blast looking at and playing with everything!

We had been waiting until your birthday to cut your hair, so we met up with Daddy after work and did just that. You cried, and you hated the process but once it was over you were just fine and looked oh so cuuuute! You’ve gotten haircuts regularly since then (at a place we actually like) and handle it like a champ.

After your haircut, we went to BJ’s for dinner and shared our Pizookie with you. It was your first taste of ice cream and you l o v e d it. You also slept horribly that night. We were out late and you fell asleep on the way home, probably before we even left the restaurant parking lot.

Eleven Months Old – Declan Joshua

One more month and our tiny baby will officially be a toddler. We are in party planning mode, and have decided to go with a Little Blue truck theme! It’s my favorite book to read to him, so naturally I had to go that route.

Weight – He went to the doctor just over a week ago and was 20.2 pounds. He also in Size 4 Honest Co. diapers, which we’ve been moving since we moved in May. Looking forward to being back in our AppleCheeks! He’s recently moved into mostly 12mo clothing, and is looking so big these days.

Eats – Everything. He truly likes everything he’s ever tried. Still nurses 4x throughout the day, and 1-3x at night. Favorite foods include: sweet potato, zucchini, eggs, and chicken. Still dairy and gluten free about 99% of the time.

Likes – Climbing everything. He can climb on almost any couch without help, but hasn’t figured out how to get down safely yet. He likes opening/closing and stacking things. His Melissa + Doug wood stacking rings are currently his favorite toy. He loves emptying drawers and trying to sneak around the chair in his room to unplug the night light.

Dislikes – Sleeping solo is the big one. He also gets mad when we tell him he can’t have something or take away an item he’s not supposed to be playing with. He gets annoyed when Remi licks his face, but he’s getting good at blocking her.

Sleep – Finally found a daytime routine that works for him, called the “2-3-4 Routine”. Things clicked and his sleep has started improving. He spends most of the night in our bed, and neither or us have the energy to “fix” it because it allows us all to get the sleep we need in order to function properly at work each day. He averages 2x 1.5 hour naps everyday, sometimes he sleeps on the way home from work depending on what time he woke up from his second nap.

Life’s Happenings – We’re pretty much settled into my new nanny position and have found our groove and are thriving. I celebrated my 27th birthday at the end of August, and Declan was in attendance, of course. Last year I was 34 weeks pregnant with him on my birthday! Our dog Remi is keeping life entertaining by being her super smart and mischievous self. Declan also caught Impetigo this month, which warranted a day home from work with Dada and a full round of antibiotics. He also swallowed a bandaid, which still hasn’t shown up in a dirty diaper.

Development – Declan has started to try to do the hand motions “roll it up” from Patty Cake and “climbed up the water spout” from Itsy Bitsy Spider. He sometimes gives kisses if we ask, but if we don’t make it a silly game he won’t do t more than once. Our sweet boy is all about laughing and being silly. We spend a lot of time in the flight path for our local airport and he absolutely loves watching planes fly overhead. He has started standing unassisted more and more often, which means he’s getting closer to walking!