Thanksgiving Recap

Holidays are always chaotic in our household. The day is carefully planned ahead of time and our time is limited at each place we go. Ah, such is life. Declan liked every food he tried, and had a ton of fun visiting with our visiting family members. Josh’s mom and step-dad had recently turned part of the garage into a rec room type situation, and it became Remi’s favorite place to hang out during our visit. We love visiting with family, and watching Declan form bonds with people he doesn’t see everyday.

Our crazy Remi girl is now 8.5 months old and making our life a little more chaotic. But we love her just the same and she makes our lives just a little more bright. She loved hanging out in the garage and fetching stray ping pong balls while people played. Remi LOVES Josh’s little sister Megan, an d they’re both thoroughly worn out by the day’s end every time we visit.

How was your Thanksgiving?
We’ve found that holidays are so much more fun now that we have a child, watching him discover and realize that it’s a special day and getting to play with family he doesn’t always get to see is so fun for us!