I thought it would be fun to make a collage of a few of my belly shots throughout my third trimester. I see myself everyday so I don’t see the changes that happen as my belly grows and body changes. I thought this would be a fun way to look back on my third trimester, and holy cow belly growth towards the end is no joke! Also, can we talk about my hair growth throughout #thirdtri?! Check out the side profile pictures. Whoa man, no wonder I’m about ready to cut it all off. In all realness though, I’m only waiting until the postpartum hair loss period is over, then I’ll likely visit my girl Melisa and have her take care of the mop that is my hair.


I also intend to compile all the belly shots I’ve taken, starting with week ten, and putting them together into one big collage, even though the photos weren’t that great in the beginning of my pregnancy. That will be super fun! I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of my pregnancy. The past thirty-eight weeks has been such a whirlwind. I’m definitely ready to meet my boy, slow down, and start this new chapter of life!




A few weeks ago, I shared that not only was I now 32 weeks pregnant, but that I was also suffering from PUPPs Pregnancy Rash. That post very briefly described the rash, as well as my experience with it. I’m sharing my story because although statistics say that PUPPs happens in 1 in 200-300 pregnancies, no one I’ve talked to has a deep knowledge of what it is and how pregnancy can be affected by it. I also wanted to share the things that are working for me to keep myself from getting too itchy and welty, as well as some theories I have as to what brought the rash on.

Personal Theories…
A lot of the information online says that there is no specific cause to PUPPs, but I personally don’t believe that to be true. In my case, I believe that the iron I took overloaded my liver enough for it to freak out and not know what to do – hence the initial rash. I’ve read many forums and personal experiences over the past few weeks and found that heavy iron intake (with no other food or environmental changes) to be the cause of onset for many other women as well.

I also believe that my dairy intake is directly correlated to how severe my rash is. We’d been out of milk for a few days and my rash had been doing really well. Minimal itching, no welty patches, my upper arms were almost clear. However, after about four days with minimal dairy I made the poor decision to have Chick Fil A for dinner (grilled nuggets dipped in ranch) and to stop on the way home from work and get a milk shake. Seven hours after I had the milk shake and I was a complete mess. I had huge, red welty spots all over my belly, upper arms, armpits, and upper legs and I can’t get the itch to calm down.

Now, I intended to completely cut out dairy around 36 weeks as a precaution due to the severe dairy allergy I had as an infant and child, but I’m going to cut it out now. I want to see what happens and whether or not my skin improves over the next few weeks. I will definitely post updated pictures to share what happens.

Must Haves…
Up until last night, my skin had been doing really well for a week. These are the products that I had been using, and will continue to use until the rash is gone. I used the witch hazel and wipes as needed, any time I began to itch. Because it’s not medicated, you can apply it as often as you need to. I then apply the lotion after my showers and before bed, or if I knew I was going somewhere where my itching needed to remain under control. Because my skin was becoming dry and I was having eczema patches flare up, I used the aquaphor any place where my skin was painfully dry and cracking. For me, this was my wrists and inside of my elbows.

Witch Hazel // Aquaphor // Sarna Sensitive Lotion // Witch Hazel Wipes


A few weeks ago was a complete whirlwind, with my baby shower and birthday party all in one day. It was held at the largest clubhouse in our apartment complex. After some general parking and directional hiccups, I think it was the perfect space to hold everyone.

Although I’m normally a hater of baby shower games, my mom convinced me to play three of them – Baby Item Bingo, Guess The Price, and Measure the Belly. I just like to eat and hang out, you feel me? We also did a 10:30a shower so we could do breakfast food, which is my favorite ever.

We used the canvas we revealed his gender on to reveal his name to everyone. We wanted to tie everything in together, and this was super sentimental to us. After he is born, we will have his written birth stats written on it and it will become an art piece that we can always display in his space.






My friend Lauren, “the other pregnant one”, as her name tag states, gave birth to that baby is her belly just a few days later! She was 39+4 at my shower and I will be 37+5 at her daughters 4th birthday party next weekend. Our babies will be about five weeks apart. She had a girl and we will be having a boy!

I can’t thank everyone who helped make this event a success enough! My mama for her mama magic and general spoiling of me. Those family members who made the amazing center pieces and party favors that I love so much. And my J,  who hung around helping make everything run smoothly behind the scenes.

Food – Colleary’s Bistro // Name Board Writing – Kate from P+H Chalk // My Dress – Pink Blush Maternity // Invitations – LA Printables // Center Pieces + Favors – Made by Family Members